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George Burba

LI-COR Biosciences
Environmental Division
Battery Ventures

4421 Superior Street
Lincoln, NE, 68504
phone: (800) 447-3576

Water for Food Global Institute
& School of Natural Resources
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln, NE, 68583
phone: (402) 467-3576

Hi, I'm George Burba, a Science & Strategy Fellow at LI-COR Biosciences / Battery Ventures, a Global Fellow at R.B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, a Graduate Adjunct Professor in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska, and one of the founders of Carbon DewTM .

As a part of these great organizations, I continuously work with multiple interdisciplinary teams of high-level scientists and engineers, business development experts, a wide range of external individual partners, universities, institutions, monitoring and regulatory agencies, and private companies around the globe, on multiple projects and activities related to the development of new approaches, technologies, software, and methods for state-of-the-art measurements and advanced scientific analysis of atmosphere-biosphere interactions, GHG and energy exchange, carbon sequestration, water use, plant growth, and many other environmental processes and parameters.

These efforts span a wide range of applications, from purely ecological research, such as greenhouse gas exchange in natural ecosystems, to purely industrial applications, such as methane leak detection from distribution networks, irrigation optimization, or geological and agricultural carbon sequestration.

While some of such challenges can be resolved by the hard work of one or two dedicated individuals, other more complex ones need a team of several and a good tactical plan, and yet other most complex challenges require long-term strategy, multiple teams with very different backgrounds, strong coordination, and a lot of time and patience. I personally enjoy all of these activities and find all of them interesting and important.